Thursday, April 25, 2013

Belgian Television To Witness Churchfair

Dr. Wiley Drake and Prof. Clyde Rivers

This is a monumental day for the Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington DC. Belgian Public Television is coming to look at Churchfair in motion. Dr. Wiley Drake, Founder of Churchfair, has created a system, he believes is inspired by God, to bring the power back to the church and leadership of the government of the America.

Churchfair is a renewed model of human development. We help people with a hand up and not just a hand out. Dr. Wiley Drake says, “This is the way God wants the church to engage the community. The church should be the machine to help people empower their community and the people within the community.”

The machine of Churchfair helps people that are homeless get a new start at life. They provide food and access to resource centers to rebuild their lives. This is a big key to change, a hand up not a hand out. Churchfair is the model to take people off of welfare. Guide them to empowerment in their own lives by the work of their own hands. These are the days of Churchfair for America and the world. To quote a well-known phase, “Teach people how to fish and they will never need you again.”

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